CONGRATULATIONS on getting engaged!

 I put together this page to help answer all your questions about services for your big day.

Lash Extensions

Lash extensions are perfect to add volume and length for the day of your wedding especially if you may tear up. lash extensions are waterproof after they have bonded to your natural lashes. This means they will not slide off your eye lids especially if your wedding is in the summer. 

Always always always do a trail a few months prior to your wedding. you can then make any changes to the look and this will ensure no allergic reactions happen the week of your wedding.

Lash Lift + Tint

Lash Lift + Tint is perfect for the natural bride. If your planning on just wearing mascara, this is your go to service. This will give you a curl of your natural lashes and will uplift your eyes. This curl will last up to eight weeks.

Always always always have a trial done months ahead to see if the lift is just what you were looking for and to ensure no allergic reaction occurs. False lashes can be applied after as well.

organic spray tan

Finally a tanning product out there that does not turn our skin orange.

This all natural tanning product from Lash Forever Canada is made from coffee grounds and does not give unwanted streaks. It also happens to smell pretty good!

It will not transfer on to your wedding dress, nor stain it if you get it cleaned.

Always have a trail done before to see what day of the tan you like the best.

lots of brides in the past come on the Wednesday for their wedding on Saturday.

there are many reasons why brides get spray tanned- to achieve an overall glow and even skin tone,  if a bride has worked outside all summer and has a t-shirt tan a spray tan will help even your tan, and also to just have a great colour!

Every fourth tan is FREE.

So remember your tan for your jack+Jill, Bridal Shower, and Bachelorette.

What to wear while you get spray tanned?

Think of your wedding dress. if it strapless please come with a strapless bra or without one. We don't want to create tan lines.

Have a Bridal Party? 
Bring them all in! Bride gets her tan for free after three bridesmaids

Want me to come to you for a party?
You need an open space, easy to clean floor, well lit area. 
I do have a pop up tent that is mobile but please be mindful that backspray does occur.