Getting Ready For A Tan

CLEAN, shaved skin!

Do all your showering, shaving, exfoliating at least the day before your tan - NEVER on the day of. 

You want your pores to be closed when you come in to get sprayed.

Give at least 8-10 hours for all your moisturizers to absorb into your skin prior to. This will ensure an even application and for the tan to not have ant barriers to go through to allow the tan to last its full potential. 

What to wear while you get sprayed: 

Nude is best! I don't want to give you tan lines, but if you insist on wearing some coverage I recommend a dark thong/underwear or nipple covers ; even a strapless bra can create big unwanted tan lines across the back. 

I do offer nipple covers for $2 extra.



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