Lash Extensions

Classic lash extensions is one extension applied to each individual natural eyelash with a medical grade adhesive specifically designed for eyelash extensions. 
Faith will carefully choose the appropriate extension for your natural lash so no damage or irritation will occur. 
There is a variety of different lengths and thickness to choose from to customize your look.
A complete application can be up to two hours.
Lash extensions can withstand the full cycle of your natural eyelashes.
We typically loose three-five natural lashes a day and this will continue to happen with lash extensions, they will grow and shed with your natural lash.
Faith recommends having lash fills every two-three weeks to maintain fullness. 
  • Waterproof 
  • No more mascara 
  • Added volume and length 
  • Soft and flexible 
Full Set Lash Extensions
Lash Fills 

100 $

40 - 50 $

Must have 40% of lash extensions left to be considered a fill
  • Prior to your lash appointment, please remove all traces of eye makeup as the cleaner your lashes are, the better the lashes will bond.
    Traces of makeup may prolong your lash appointment.Really scrub at the base of your lashes.
  • Contacts cannot be worn during application.
  • Just a reminder that after the application your extensions cannot get wet, sweat, or steamed on for two full days.
  • avoid getting your lash extensions wet for two full days
  • clean your lashes daily 
  • brush your lashes daily 
  • avoid oil based products 
  • do not use an eyelash curler 
  • do not attempt to remove them
  • try to sleep on your back
before appointment